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                Welcome to the Senior School section of our website. In our inclusive environment, we provide an outstanding educational experience for our pupils. Irrespective of ability, Fulneck pupils are challenged to achieve their potential, grasp their opportunities and strive for greatness.

                In short, they are nurtured to develop into successful and compassionate young adults who can take the 21st century by storm. With our diverse cultural mix within the boarding community, the Senior School offers a truly international experience which prepares our young people for life beyond school.

                In our classrooms, our highly qualified, dedicated teachers deliver teaching and learning which is at the cutting edge of education. We are never complacent; we constantly strive to improve the quality of the classroom experience and the learning potential of our students, culminating in improved GCSE results year on year. Challenge, enquiry and engagement are key to every Fulneck lesson and inspirational teaching is an expectation.To sum up our Senior School, our aim is to ensure that, collectively and individually, we are the best we can be. I hope you will come and visit and see for yourselves.


                Mrs Gemma Carver
                Vice-Principal (Academic)


                The school fulfils its aims of developing young people who have a sense of care, compassion and understanding for others, and of promoting the values of humility, honesty and integrity exceedingly well"



                Independent Schools Inspectorate 2017
                "In essentials UNITY, in non-essentials LIBERTY, in all things CHARITY"
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