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                Our Open Days are an opportunity for you to explore the school, meet the teaching staff and see if 365体育 is the right fit.  If you would like to attend any of them, please complete the form below (please refer to our Privacy Notice here for details of how we process your data).
                If you cannot attend on these dates we would be happy to arrange a visit at a time convenient to you.  Please contact admissions@fulneckschool.co.uk to arrange.

                Forthcoming Events

                • Sixth Form Open Evening - Thursday 10th October 2019 - 6pm
                • Sixth Form Experience Day - Thursday 17th October 2019
                • Open Doors - May 2020 (Date tbc)


                *Please fill in all required fields.

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                For more detail on our Admissions process please click here


                Your personal information will be held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 365体育 will not disclose your details to any third parties or unauthorised person or body. Your data will be used to keep you up to date with School information only. If at any time you wish your details to be removed from our database, please email us at enquiries@fulneckschool.co.uk

                Click here to view an electronic copy of our Prospectus - Fulneck Prospectus Flip Book 2018 | PDF

                "In essentials UNITY, in non-essentials LIBERTY, in all things CHARITY"
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