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                Junior Calendar

                Event Date
                Marine Engineering workshop Y615th January 2020
                Pantomime trip (Reception - Y2)23rd January 2020
                'Unloc' your potential27th January 2020 - 28th January 2020
                House Music Finals13th February 2020
                YR6 Games - Tom Milnes14th February 2020
                Reception Class Assembly16th March 2020
                Year 2 to Year 3 Transition Information Evening19th March 2020
                Reception Parents Evening19th March 2020
                House Speaking (Finals)20th March 2020
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                Senior Calendar 

                Event Date
                Sports Scholarship Assessment Day14th January 2020
                E-Safety Workshops (KS3/KS4)11th February 2020
                Careers Convention, West End3rd March 2020
                Year 8 Parents' Evening27th April 2020
                Year 10 Work Experience8th June 2020 - 12th June 2020
                New Parents Information Evening, 6.30pm23rd June 2020
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                Sixth Calendar 

                No upcoming events, be sure to check back for regular updates.

                Sport Calendar

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